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Privacy Policy

PLTS general position on implementation or compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. 

A. Protect and enhance consumer's rights of access to information. 

B. Improve healthcare quality by restoring trust in the system 

C. Improve efficiency of delivery with national framework 

D. PLTS will not use or disclose an individuals protected health information (PHI) except as otherwise permitted and/or required by HIPAA. 

E. PHI may be used only for treatment, payment, or healthcare operations. All other uses and disclosures will be by authorization only and Patient may revoke authorization. 

F. All PLTS Patients will receive and acknowledge the Privacy Notice. . 

G. Privacy Notice will describe how medical information about Patients may be used and disclosed and how they may access said information. 

H. PLTS will make reasonable efforts to limit disclosure of PHI as much as possible. 

I. Continuing compliance with HIPAA will be achieved through ongoing assessment, oversight and informational training, as coordinated through the privacy officer. 

J. PLTS shall address all complaints received from patients, clients, employees or third parties in an expeditious and meaningful manner. 

K. PLTS respects the rights of individuals, including employees, to make complaints, ask questions or inquire as to PLTS' compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws. 

L. No adverse action or retaliation shall be taken against any such individual or employee based on any legitimate complaint, question, or inquiry. 

M. PLTS must identify those members of its workforce that require access to protected health information to perform their duties, specify the protected health information to which they require access and make reasonable efforts to limit their access accordingly. 

N. All employees will be trained in order that PLTS will be HIPAA compliant. New employees will be trained on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance with new personnel. Personnel will be retrained if significant changes occur which affect HIPAA or privacy laws. Employees, who fail to follow HIPAA requirements and/or the policies of PLTS with respect to privacy rules, shall be sanctioned appropriately. Such sanctions may range from oral reprimand to termination. Any intentional breach of patient confidentiality, not permitted by law, shall be severely punished. All such sanctions shall be documented, in writing, by PLTS. 

O. To the extent practicable, PLTS will mitigate the harmful effects of any known use or disclosure, by itself or its business associates that is in violation of the privacy rule and/or PLTS' policies and procedures.

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